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My therapy approach uses principles of harm reduction which include the following ideas:

  • You’re in the driver’s seat. You know yourself best and I’ll work with you to help you decide what your goals will be at this time.
  • Any positive change is good. Making changes can be scary--it’s like losing something that’s important to you. Change is also contagious. Making small changes gives us confidence and perhaps motivation to try some more.
  • I meet you where you are now in the process of change. Change is also a process that occurs in steps, so we’ll start with where you are currently in the process of changing and decide what the next steps are; or if you’re not ready to make any changes now, that’s ok, you’re free to return later.
  • Paths to getting well are unique. We’ll work together to mobilize your individual existing strengths and supports, learning along the way what path/s may be helpful to follow.
  • Paths of change are flexible. Paths may include professional clinical treatment; use of medications; support from families and in schools; faith-based approaches; peer support; and other approaches that may help you.
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