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Substance Use and the Family

Visit my blog, PEOPLE USE DRUGS FOR REASONS, for information and discussion about drug use and your family

Families for Sensible Drug Policy (FSDP) Blog


Hot Psychological Topics/IssuesFor information on specific psychological issues, visit THE AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION'S "Psychology Topics" section for excellent overviews of many topics of interest

Depression/Bipolar Disorder

Balanced information on Bipolar Disorder in children and adolescents: CHILD AND ADOLESCENT BIPOLAR FOUNDATION

Psychology and Everyday Life

"Psychology News You Can Use": Quarterly eNewsletter of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association

For information on issues related to our everyday psychological well-being, visit THE AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION's "Psychology Help Center"

Mental Health Support Groups

The following groups offer support and information for people looking to connect with others who have similar mental health concerns:

Public Health and Public Policy Issues


FAMILIES FOR SENSIBLE DRUG POLICY (FSDP), a nonprofit organization I co-founded with Carol Katz Beyer, is dedicated to reducing the harmful consequences of drug policies and increasing access to more effective Substance Use Disorder treatment 

DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE envisions new drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.


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