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As a licensed psychologist and addiction treatment consultant serving the Blue Bell, Pennsylvania area and surrounding communities, my practice specialties include the following:

Harm reduction approach to change

Change is scary and doesn't happen all at once. We know that people move stages of change and feel empowered when small positive steps are made. Steps may include reducing the harms associated with behaviors you wish to change. We also know that each path to sobriety is unique, so I'll meet you where you're currently at in the process of change and walk with you along the process of change.

Co-occurring disorders in the individual and family

People use drugs for reasons and so drug and alcohol use doesn't exist in a vacuum. There are often complex and deep-seated mental health concerns that need to be addressed sometimes even before a person can work on a plan for recovery.

My dual training and experience of addictions counselor AND psychologist allows me to effectively deal with the interaction of substance use and mental health problems.

Adolescent issues, including parenting and coping with ADHD

I work with parents, teens, and young adults to help sort out the often complex issues associated with adolescence and help you develop tools and strategies to better cope with the challenges during this period in your life.

Emotional regulation, including depression, ADHD, and anxiety 

I'll help you understand your difficulties with your mood, which includes Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder and the emotional difficulties often associated with ADHD. We'll work together to develop more effective coping strategies for you to manage the emotions that may be disrupting your life.

I'll work with you to get a handle on your problems with anxiety, which include generalized worry, panic attacks, phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Understanding the nature of your anxiety and determining coping strategies will be the focus of our work together.

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