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Substance Use and the Family

When you discover that your child is using drugs or alcohol, normal parental worry quickly escalates to fear. It's natural to feel helpless and out of control, especially when attempts to intervene fail. 

Fear and parenting don’t mix well. What we do know is that trusting our judgment, flexibility and being open to different approaches are cornerstones to effective parenting. My work with families is family-centric and self-empowering. I'll collaborate with you to develop a road map and a plan to address your loved one's use based on your family's strengths and resources.

I respect the uniqueness of each family and the right of people to make choices. I believe that parents know the most about what’s best for their families and I will collaborate with you to trust your instincts to build on existing strengths and overcome obstacles and barriers and create an individualized treatment plan based on YOUR needs.

You know your children best. And you won't need to reinvent yourself as a parent. We can work together to help you develop some strategies and skills to maintain a healthy relationship with your substance using loved one and create healthy family boundaries.

I use the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) approach, the only evidence-based family therapy specifically designed for families of substance users. CRAFT focuses on improving the family's relationship with their loved one, increases family members well-being and increases the likelihood of the person using substances to enter treatment


Here are some articles that I've written to help you understand my approach to working with families:





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