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Practice News

  • My latest interview on parenting substance using teens from a harm reduction perspective is titled "Parenting Teens in Recovery Requires a Heart at Peace" and is in Banana Moments Family Business Quarterly.

  • READ MY OP-ED in The Desert Sun, the newspaper of the community where the Betty Ford Clinic is located, and where US 'drug czar' Gil Kerlikowske spoke recently. I questioned the lip service he gives to shifting our country's drug policies away from law-enforcement approaches to policies based on compassion, science, health, and human rights.

  • HEAR ME on Monica Richardson's radioblog talk show on Wednesday June 20 at 8pm ET as we talk about how harm reduction approaches inform my work. Monica is a compassionate, progressive voice in the recovery movement, interested in alternative approaches "to age old problems in the room and culture, with the literature, the traditions ...". If you miss the show, you can listen later on her show's archives.

  • HEAR ME on harm reduction specialist Kenneth Anderson's radioblog talk show as I share my experiences transitioning from a traditional abstinence-based addictions counselor to one who embraces harm reduction approaches.

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