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  • Family counseling - Barry Lessin - Fort Washington, PA

    Substance Use and the Family

    Having a substance using loved one can be a nightmare and navigating the landscape of the one-size-fits-all treatment industry can be challenging. I embrace person-and family-and centric care by acknowledging that substance use is a complex interaction of psychological, biological and social variables that are unique to each person.

  • Harm Reduction Approach to Substance Use

    Harm reduction is an innovative paradigm-shifting approach that is person-centric rather than the substance-centric approach that traditional addiction treatment takes.  It starts where each person and family is, offering personalized solutions to substance use issues. 


    Is Medical Cannabis for You or Your Family?

    I offer consultations about medical cannabis to explore whether it is right for you and your family. By providing reality-based information, I can help you navigate the confusing array of information and choices available, empowering you in making an informed decision about medical cannabis.


I have made a decision to become a 100% telehealth practice. This means that all of my consultations and sessions are done virtually, using private, confidential video platforms like Zoom, Facetime, or Skype; or by phone.

What began by my using telehealth as an adjustment to being able to continue to work with my clients safely during the pandemic became an awareness for me of the potential for people and families to have increased availability to treatment that otherwise wouldn’t be as accessible.

I’ve learned that telehealth is as effective as in-person therapy in many circumstances. It’s convenient for those whose schedules are busy, allowing flexibility for appointments and eliminates commuting time. I also have more availability to schedule throughout the week.

Telehealth isn’t for everyone, though. Some people prefer in-person sessions, feeling that being present physically helps make a better therapeutic connection--and this makes sense. Also, some people have urgent mental health needs where being in-person more appropriate.

Stay healthy and be safe and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my practice.

Call 267-664-6845 now for a free 10 minute phone consultation or click here to contact Barry by email.


What is Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction is person-centered, not a one-size-fits-all approach common to traditional substance use treatment.

Harm reduction is based on compassion, common sense and is self-empowering because it doesn't judge you for using alcohol and other drugs. It offers the opportunity to be more open and honest about your substance use, and can inform you about the next steps to take in dealing with substance use and issues in your life that are concerning you.

Harm reduction is self-empowering and assumes that family members ultimately will know the most about what’s best for their families. It's collaborative and encourages people to trust their instincts to build on existing strengths and overcome obstacles and barriers. As a harm reductionist I'll collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan relevant to your particular needs. Harm reduction approaches won’t blame you if your plan needs adjusting by telling you that you “aren’t ready” or you “haven’t hit bottom yet”. It doesn't shame families with the labels “enablers” and “codependent”.

It's principles are research-based and are alternatives to traditional one-size-fits-all treatment approaches. Harm reduction minimizes and avoids the stigma of substance use and users that is oftern associated with traditional treatment.

Learn more about harm reduction.


Teens and Young Adults

As a teenager or young adult you’ve already had a delicious taste of independence.

You're working, having some of your own cash or ATM card. perhaps you’re already driving and have more freedom to come and go. Some of you are already in college and have experienced the excitement of living on your own for a while.

The kids I see often have some of the following concerns:

  • School demands and frustrations
  • Social media conflicts
  • Losing parental trust
  • Sexual orientation questions
  • Being overscheduled
  • High parental/family expectations
  • Negative thoughts and feelings about themselves
  • Problems with friends/peers at school
  • Parental conflicts, or separation and divorce

Sound familiar? That’s because many of these worries are normal problems that many kids have. Some of the stresses you may have more control over than others.

Sometimes, though, the normal stresses and pressure of your life start to become overwhelming and turn into worries that can make you feel helpless and hopeless. This is where counseling can be helpful, by offering suggestions for tools to cope better with these stresses.

Barry Lessin has the unique distinction of being a licensed psychologist who also holds certification in addiction counseling. This combination has allowed him to both understand and successfully treat the complex relationship between addiction and related mental health concerns. Backed by 30 years of experience as a researcher, administrator and clinician, he has proved himself to be a valuable and trusted asset within his community. He exhibits professionalism, warmth and genuine positive regard for clients and colleagues alike. Thus, without reservation, I highly recommend Barry Lessin's services.

Chad Coren PsyD,CACD 

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